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Galerie Poll

A new webpage for Galerie Poll in Berlin, with custom-made slider, galleries and newsletter.


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Thomas Grabka Photography

A new homepage for photo journalist Thomas Grabka. Features are a scroll slider, an animated menu and the integration of videos.

In addition there are measures in place to prevent image copying and of course the website is compliant with the GDPR.

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Organisms Democracy

This website provides information regarding the art project "Organisms Democracy" and lists its citizens and elections. The focus in developing this page was making adding entries easy and comfortable.


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World-Map for JSVCprojects

An interactive world-map for JSVCprojects London/Paris. It is an automaticly generated vector graphic and shows the cities of the collaborators of JSVC Projects.

Hovering over a city reveals a list with names and links.

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Berliner Sessions

Are you looking for an open mic, open stage or jam session in Berlin? You will find almost all of those events on

The website offers a few features, for instance:
› sorting the entries by weekday, district or venue.
› displaying the entries on a map
› icons for the equipment of the venue

In addition the website provides a complete user platform and event organiser are able to register and make their own entries.

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Art Hotel Lenz

A new homepage for the Art Hotel Lenz at Plauer See.

Features are a gallery with lightbox and the integration of a booking system.


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A new webpage for GFFA Berlin e.V. as an one-pager. With illustrative photos, appealing effects and mobile friendly.

logo: Spreefreunde

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Tierklinik Panitzsch

This website, already in existence, has been migrated to wordpress and the layout was adjusted to be more mobile friendly. The switch from static website to a dynamic one went unnoticed by visiters.

In addition the website received a plugin to create and manage a team page and a dog years calculator was rebuilt.

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Klaus Grills

A new webpage for Kalus Grills, with shop and recipe archive.


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From Berlin Friedrichshain I offer versatile and personal service all about your homepage. My clients are freelancer, associations und small companies. Feel free to contact me or to have a meeting with me!

Individual Setup

Layout and funtions of your homepage are precisely tailored to your needs and built from the bottom up. By passing on building kits and layout frameworks your website will be slim and distinctive, elevated from the noise floor of the internet. In the process I gladly advise you with my experience and my curiosity, to present your content from its best side.

Custom-Made Functions

I create plugins and functions to simplify the backend and to make working with content as neat and comfortable as possible. Never agin programming html or doing copy & paste.

    The information you provide will be stored for the purpose of processing your request and for possible follow-up questions. More details under Data Privacy.

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